Application and Service support for these equipment is as important as the product’s reliability and robustness. The growing demand of vibration and other environmental testing on day-to-day basis always put an additional pressure on the User to keep and maintain the equipment up-to- date so as to meet the targets for completion of testing.


Pacific Dynamics firmly believe in providing immediate services to all it’s customers as and when they need apart from maintaining regular communications to keep them apprised about new developments and emerging trends in environmental testing. With our decades long exposure in environmental testing solutions, we are always willing to help our customers in-

  • Understanding/ interpretation of test specifications
  • How to carry out the testing with given test procedure
  • Precautions to be taken in mounting of DUT
  • How to select a suitable test system
  • How to best utilize the system already procured
  • What are the system limitations

Warranty Support

The warranty support is extended for all the systems supplied by us to cover the scope of the contract as per practice followed worldwide. The service manual contains sufficient trouble-shooting tips to identify and localize the faults. The spares in general are provided free-of-cost during the warranty period and down time is minimized with faster delivery of spares and promptly attending the problem to restore the functionality of the equipment.

Annual Maintenance Contract 

The annual maintenance becomes applicable after expiry of warranty period, if opted by the customer/ purchaser. It is always advisable to cover these test equipment under maintenance contract which not only enhances the service life but also helps us to maintain critical/ regular spares in stock to immediately rectify the fault and minimize the downtime.

  • Comprehensive AMC
    This in general includes routine maintenance visits, breakdown visits and spares as well.
  • Non-Comprehensive AMC
    This includes routine maintenance visits and break down visits but spares shall be on chargeable basis.
  • Service-on-Request
    This facility is provided as and when the customer demands. In this arrangement, both the service visits and spares are chargeable.

Spares Support

Being OEM of the equipment, we maintain sufficient stock of raw materials, sub-assemblies, semi-finished and finished parts/ PCBs/ components to provide the spares required for repair of the system through out their service life. In case, some parts are discontinued or become obsolete from world market due to technological advancement, we ensure availability of equivalent part or sufficient quantity is stocked in advance to provide uninterrupted services for remaining period.

Application Support 

The vibration test systems are used for versatile applications as per various test standards (MIL, IEC, BS, JIS, IS, Customer Specific etc.). There exist various modes of vibration excitations such as Sinusoidal, Random, Classical Shock, Sine-on-Random, Random-on-Random, Sine-on-Random-on-Random, Shock Response Spectra, Field Recorded Data, Gunfire, Transient Waveform, Squeak & Rattle (noise measurement), Single-axis excitation, Multi-axis excitation, Combined Testing (Vibration + Climatic) and so on. Each mode of testing has its own characteristics and implications which require thorough understanding before execution.


We quickly respond to queries on above aspects, mutually share relevant articles & application notes and also conduct seminar/workshop at customer’s premises on desired topics to create awareness among larger group of people engaged in research, development and QA activities.