Electrodynamic Shaker System

  • High Armature Resonance
  • Lightweight Suspension System
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Floor Vibration Isolators
  • Continuous Duty
  • Acoustic Silencer Cooling Blower
  • Env. Chamber Integration
  • Compatibility With Any Controller
  • Compliance to Various Standards
  • Suitable for Small UUTs/ Labs
Electrodynamic Shaker System


The Electrodynamic shaker system is intended to simulate the effects of real life vibrations likely to be experienced by components, sub-assembly and systems during their service life when they are installed in an environment where vibrations are continuously induced during usage. These shakers perform vibration test in accordance with IS, BS, MIL, DIN, EN, ISO, IEC, DEF & ASTM standards. Pacific Dynamics offers a choice of capacity and payloads to suit different test requirements. Customized attachments for mounting of test objects are also available for different applications which are possible because of our technical know-how and experience to design and manufacture high quality products. The Electrodynamic shaker systems have proven versatility in vibration testing applications because of having unique feature of higher resonance frequency and high bare table acceleration with required accuracy and reliability. They are designed to cater wide range of vibration testing and analysis such as design qualification, product reliability and environmental stress screening.The System has major sub systems like Shakers, Power Amplifiers, Shaker Attachments and Vibration Controllers.


The heavy steel structure body and mechanical linkages Of Electrodynamics Shakers are made of high quality materials to make it suitable for longer service life. The Shaker is supported on air springs/ isolators to isolate the vibration to be transferred to the ground thus eliminates the requirement of special foundation and can be installed on any standard industrial floor.



Power Amplifiers

The Power Amplifiers (or digital switching Power Amplifiers) provide very high level of efficiency with superior performance. The design of the PDA Series Power Amplifier ensures higher energy in less space. These Power Amplifiers use solid-state power devices such as MOSFETs or IGBT as their primary switching devices in a Class-D Full Bridge configuration. They are modulated digitally with a high frequency pulse-width-modulated signal. The modular construction is easy to handle and integral air cooled design ensures continuous duty cycle without sacrificing performance at peak temperature and humidity. These amplifiers are suitable for driving shakers from all manufacturers and designed to give uninterrupted rated voltage and current even at higher ambient temperature and humidity.


Shaker attachments

An electrodynamic shaker system along with it’s attachments are intended to simulate the effects of real life vibrations likely to be experienced by components, sub assembly and systems during their service life particularly when they are installed in an environment where vibrations are continuously induced during usage.


Horizontal Slip Tables

The vibration tests are performed in accordance with IS, BS, MIL, DIN, EN, ISO, IEC, JIS, DEF & ASTM standards which often call for 3-axis testing. Pacific Dynamics offers slip tables in various sizes for coupling with shaker to facilitate horizontal testing (X & Y axis). The size of platform is determined by the dimension of test object and holding fixture. The slip plate surface is precision machined for required flatness and guided by hydraulic/ hydrostatic bearings over a granite block. A closed loop hydraulic pump is used to form consistent oil film between slip plate and granite block for friction less motion and bearings ensure true linear guidance over a wide frequency band with high overturning moments.


Head Expanders/ Load Support Platform (for Vertical direction)

The head expanders are designed and fabricated as bolt-on platform for shaker armature to accommodate large size objects during vertical axis vibration testing (Z-axis). In most of the applications, the space on armature top of shaker is a constraint for mounting large fixture and test objects and in such cases an head expander plays a crucial role. The head expanders are made of Al/ Mg alloy material having casted/ welded structure in circular or square shape to suit different test requirements. For voluminous and overhanging objects, the guided head expanders (Load Support Platform) are preferred which enhances the loading capacity and restricts overturning moments during vibration testing thus safeguarding the armature assembly as well.


Vibration Controllers

Pacific Dynamics offer complete solutions for vibration testing and analysis. DSP centric hardware design for real time processing ensures true simulation of vibration patterns on vibrating platform when configured for close loop operation with an electrodynamic shaker system. Apart from providing our own controller, Pacific Dynamics offer a wide range of Controllers of various global manufacturers, if so desired by the customers.