Vibration Shaker Attachment

  • More mounting space
  • Facilitates X & Y axis testing
  • Combo Base Structure
  • Easy coupling process
  • Drive Adaptor
  • True bearing guidance
  • Safety interlocks
  • Al/ Mg alloy
  • Environmntal Chamber integration
  • Customized insert pattern
  • Compliance to various standard

An electrodynamic shaker system along with it’s attachments are intended to simulate the effects of real life vibrations likely to be experienced by components, sub assembly and systems during their service life particularly when they are installed in an environment where vibrations are continuously induced during usage.


Horizontal Slip Table

The vibration tests are performed in accordance with IS, BS, MIL, DIN, EN, ISO, IEC, JIS, DEF & ASTM standards which often call for 3-axis testing. Pacific Dynamics offers slip tables in various sizes for coupling with shaker to facilitate horizontal testing (X & Y axis). The size of platform is determined by the dimension of test object and holding fixture. The slip plate surface is precision machined for required flatness and guided by hydraulic/ hydrostatic bearings over a granite block. A closed loop hydraulic pump is used to form consistent oil film between slip plate and granite block for friction less motion and bearings ensure true linear guidance over a wide frequency band with high overturning moments.


Head Expander

The head expanders are designed and fabricated as bolt-on platform for shaker armature to accommodate large size objects during vertical axis vibration testing (Z-axis). In most of the applications, the space on armature top of shaker is a constraint for mounting large fixture and test objects and in such cases an head expander plays a crucial role. The head expanders are made of Al/ Mg alloy material having casted/ welded structure in circular or square shape to suit different test requirements. For voluminous and overhanging objects, the guided head expanders (Load Support Platform) are preferred which enhances the loading capacity and restricts overturning moments during vibration testing thus safeguarding the armature assembly as well.

These equipment are designed to cater wide range of vibration testing and analysis such as design qualification, product reliability and environmental stress screening. The heavy steel structure body and mechanical linkages are made of high quality materials to make it suitable for longer service life. The machine is supported on air springs to isolate the vibration to be transferred to the ground thus eliminates the requirement of special foundation and can be installed on any standard industrial floor.

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