Bumb/Shock Machine

  • Free fall/ Pneumatic type
  • Sturdy steel structure
  • Vertical axis testing
  • Adjustable drop height
  • Consistent repeatability
  • Safety interlocks
  • Adjustable acceleration/pulse width
  • Compliance to various standards
  • PC based monitoring and waveform analysis (optional)

Bump test machine is intended to simulate the effects of repetitive shocks likely to be experienced by components when they are transported in a vehicle from one place to another place or installed for its application on moving vehicle or platform. The tests can be performed in accordance with worldwide standards such as IS, BS, MIL, DIN, EN, ISO, IEC, DEF & ASTM.


Bump Test Machine is Free Fall Type and has a heavy steel structure which serves the function of reaction mass also. The machine is supported on air springs and / or heavy duty shockers to isolate the vibration to be transferred to the ground thus eliminates the requirement of special foundation and can be installed on any standard industrial floor.


The bump machine is designed for adjustable drop height which facilitates to achieve variable acceleration (g) whereas pulse width or duration depends on the selection of various elastomer pads. The options are available to set the bump rate up to 1 – 3 bumps/sec. Customized platform size and load capacity are provided as per application.


The machine finds application in product qualification, structural integrity testing and fatigue testing of components to determine the sustainability under repetitive bumpy environment encountered during transportation or in actual usage.

Bump Monitoring System (PC version)

PC based Bump Monitoring System, Model PDBMS-01 is a combination of user friendly GUI and multi channel smart instrumentation for on-line monitoring of pulse height (g), pulse width (mS) and waveform. Measurement of bump rate and number of bumps are available in the software for display and storage with time and date of the test.


Bump Monitoring System (Oscilloscope version)

This is a single channel low cost Bump Monitoring System, Model PDBMS-02 for measurement of pulse height, pulse width and waveform. Optional software is available to transfer the captured data on CRO to PC for printing and storage. Operator himself has to determine the pulse height (g) and pulse width (mS) from the captured waveform.