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Vibration Controller

product 1

Pacific Dynamics offer complete solutions for vibration testing and analysis. DSP centric hardware design for real time processing ensures true simulation of vibration patterns on vibrating platform when configured for close loop operation with an electrodynamic shaker system.

Supported with user friendly GUI and multi-channel smart instrumentation with minimized ground noise, these controllers are continuously modified and upgraded to meet the demand of advanced vibration testing applications in automotive, defence, aerospace, nuclear, seismic, railways, electronics, telecom, test laboratories, research and educational institutions.

  • Perceptive operation
  • Excellent stability and signal integrity
  • Precise accuracy in measurement & control
  • Long term support and system longevity
  • Independent of Host PC performance
  • Compliance to all test standards
    like MIL, IEC, ISO, BIS, JIS, DIN, IS and more…
  • Software upgrades and add-on functions
  • Extensive reporting and Post-processing
  • Automatic test sequencing
  • Digital I/O for auxiliary control
  • Graphical and tabular format of test data
  • Transfer function & math calculations
  • Combine Climatic & Vibration testing

Hardware Configuration Software Application
  • Desktop module in metallic body
  • Plug-n-play design
  • Windows XP/7 compatibility
  • Windows based GUI
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • 16/32 Bit high speed DSP board
  • 4/8/16 channel input (simultaneous)
  • 2 channel output (Servo & COLA)
  • Charge/ ICP/Voltage/TEDS input support
  • ±36V peak input (non-damaging)
  • 16/24 Bit ADC & DAC
  • Dynamic range >120 dB
  • SNR >100dB (measured with DC to 1KHz Sine)
  • Analog/ Digital/ Tracking Filter
  • Channel cross talk <-110 dB
  • Sine Sweep/ Fixed frequency
  • Resonance Search, Track & Dwell
  • Wide band random
  • Sine-On-Random (SOR)
  • Random-on-Random (ROR)
  • Sine-on-Random-On-Random (SROR)
  • Classical Shock
  • Shock Response Spectra (SRS)
  • Transient Time History (TTH)
  • Field Data/ Long Time History (LTH)
  • FFT Analysis
  • Squeak and Rattle
  • Transmission line damper testing
  • Elastomer Testing
  • Add-on features- notching, high frequency

product 1
  • Above specifications are standard specifications, subject to revision due to continuous improvement/ developmental activities without notice. However, the specifications quoted by us in a proposal always supersede the printed/ published specifications.
  • Customized testing solutions and specifications are provided on demand.